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asked questions

How is my privacy & security always guaranteed?

Your computer's privacy and security is always protected because no data can ever be accessed. This is achieved by virtualization and containerization technology. Furthermore, your virtual machine is fully protected with AES-256 encryption, which is what banks and the military use to secure transactions and communications. On top of that, our network architecture is fully secure with Amazon Web Services, with multiple layers of firewalls securing all data transmission. Lastly, the virtual machines have in-built anti-virus protection as an additional line of defense.

How do you calculate my earnings?

Your earnings are calculated based on how much CPU power is used on your computer. Every computer has a CPU chip that has a number of CPU cores, and the more cores you have, the more tasks your CPU chip can do and the money you can earn. For example, an Intel i7 CPU chip may earn up to $5,886, whereas an Intel i5 CPU chip can earn less. Your earnings are calculated by a simple algorithm, which takes into account the number of CPU cores used and the time in seconds used for hosting applications.

How do I maximize my earnings?

You can maximize your earnings potential by a number of ways. Firstly, the most important thing is to keep your computer on. If you have a laptop, make sure it has a charger plugged in. If you have sleep mode or energy saving preferences enabled, make sure they do not turn your computer off. Secondly, make sure your internet connection is fairly stable. You can check your internet provider's connection speed at speedtest.net. Lastly, make sure to keep your computer on frequently. The higher up-time you have, the more money you will earn. This will also give you priority on the algorithm queue for earning money.

Can you have control over my computer?

No. Your computer can never be controlled. Privacy and security is the absolute priority for our technology and it will not work without it. We value both our user's privacy and security as well as our client's privacy and security. All code running on the user's computer will be containerized inside a virtual machine that is downloaded with our app, ensuring that nothing can ever harm our user's computer. Furthermore, this will be encrypted both ways, ensuring that not even the user can see what code is running inside the virtual machine.

Do I need to put a deposit to use your service?

No. Our platform is 100% free to use. Your computer's CPU chip does all the work!

Why can my computer make money?

Every computer has a CPU chip, and this CPU chip is very powerful. Until now, there was no way to monetize CPU power on a global scale. Hyperlink enables your computer to turn its CPU chip into a mini-server, allowing businesses to host web and mobile applications on the Internet using the computer processing power provided by your CPU chip.

How and when do I get paid?

You can get paid with credit or debit card, PayPal or by bank transfer. Payments will typically take up to 5 business days to process. You can track your earnings with our Desktop app or web application on your dashboard.

Can I still use my computer when selling my CPU power?

Yes! You can use your computer as you do normally. Most computer tasks use less than 10% of your CPU power. These tasks include checking email, watching videos on YouTube, going on social media, and using apps such as Word processor, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe Photoshop. If you start using very CPU intensive tasks, such as heavy video editing, or ultra high graphics gaming, then you may use more CPU power. However, these tasks will generally be outsourced to your GPU to process. Generally, this is why your CPU usage will be very low, even when you are using your computer.

Will my CPU overheat or get damaged if I turn it on 24/7?

No. Your computer's CPU chip will only overheat with poor ventilation, for example if you put your laptop on a blanket or if the fan stops working or if there is a lot of accumulated dust. Also, generally speaking, your CPU will only get damaged if it comes into contact with water or liquids. With proper ventilation such as fans, your CPU will not get damaged if you leave it on 24/7.

Will electricity costs be high?

No. To run a computer 24/7 non-stop for an entire year, it will only cost $32.40 at 10 cents per kilowatt hour and $64.80 at 20 cents per kilowatt hour. An Intel i7 CPU, which may earn up to $5,886 in a year will more than offset the electricity cost.

Will I need high internet speeds?

No. As long as your Internet connection is fairly stable, you can monetize your CPU power and host most web and mobile applications. You can check your Internet connection's upload and download speeds at speedtest.net and compare it with Internet speeds around the world.

Can I monetize my iPhone or iPad's CPU power?

We are working on supporting smartphones and tablets as well. Currently, we only support laptops and desktops on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. As smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful, with better and better CPU processors every year, we will eventually support them as well.

Who buys my CPU power?

Every online business needs servers to run code for websites, applications, text, videos, messaging, payments, games and so on. These servers are basically CPU chips that run code non-stop so that when someone uses the app or goes to the website at any time of the day, everything will work automatically. Our Platform as a Service solution will connect developers and businesses to buy CPU power from us and we will distribute the earnings based on how much CPU power you have rented out with your computer.

How do I get started?

You can join our wait-list and be invited to start earning money on our global super computer network.