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>> Empowering the world's billions of computers to effortlessly earn money for everyone.

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At Hyperlink, we’re creating an exciting new innovative technology empowering everyone to effortlessly earn money with their computers by connecting the power of the world’s billions of computers. From billions of websites we visit, millions of technology applications we use, hundred billion payments we make, to trillions of videos we watch every year, the world super computer we are building will power the new generation Internet.

We believe that computing is the most powerful resource of our generation. Join us in creating solutions to power the most important technologies of the future.

Creating Powerful
Impact Globally

Help businesses scale, empower people to earn, and create new opportunities for millions globally.

Exciting Innovative

We enjoy working on exciting new technologies because we believe in constantly innovating for the best.

Everyone's Talents

We want to create an enjoyable and inclusive workplace that respects everyone's worldview and diversity.

❯❯ Teams

At Hyperlink, there’s room for every talent – We are looking for the very best from anywhere and everywhere. We would love for you to join us. Discover the perfect role for your career and accomplish amazing things with us.

Artificial Intelligence

We are creating a powerful new mind by rapidly learning to solve the world's hardest problems that have never been solved by humans before.

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Data Science

We transform data into powerful insights.

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We combine incredible creativity, user trust-building, automation tools and data-driven analysis in driving massive user and customer growth.
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Journalism & PR

We are responsible for working with media, policymakers and third parties to explain why Hyperlink is great for our user hosts, businesses and cities.
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We work across the company to bring the Hyperlink brand to life, both inside and outside our walls.

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We create the vision for the future of computing: deeply understanding our customers to solve their computing needs with innovative technology.
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Software Engineering

We build the technologies that power our platform and ignite opportunity for users worldwide.
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Video & VFX

We capture moments and magic that bring the Hyperlink brand to life.
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Business Dev

We constantly innovate and grow Hyperlink as the world’s leading edge computing platform through creative design and data-driven systems that unlock outsized value today and for many years to come.
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Enterprise Sales

We are committed to growing Hyperlink by identifying new partners, managing existing relationships, and creating value for our customers.
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Human Resources

We handle all things people-related so our employees around the world are empowered to do their best work.
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Deep Research

We constantly learn and grow our knowledgebase and worldview to help us in creating amazing new technologies.
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Network Effects

We constantly strive to add value to our users, customers and network by creating solutions and products we need, want, and love to use.
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Quality & Testing

We work where Hyperlink's digital technology meets the real world.

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Technical Assurance

We strive to make the experience of our user enjoyable and constantly improve our products with valuable feedback.
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Web Development

We create the best web experience for our users, whenever, wherever, however they come to us.
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Customer Success

We strive towards developing a world-class customer success organization that scales effectively, is reliable and consistent, and provides unmatched service to our Hyperlink customers.
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We work efficiently together with leaders across the company to ensure smooth, disciplined execution of strategic business objectives.
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We are committed to guaranteeing the most robust safeguarded protection for our users and customers with computer security and data privacy.
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We strive towards developing a world-class support organization that scales effectively, is reliable and consistent, and provides unmatched service to our Uber community.
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Remote Work

We intelligently work with and learn from the best talent from anywhere and everywhere, growing our organization remotely worldwide.
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UI/UX & Design

We are passionate about the pursuit of ideas and creations that people love.
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