Earn money passively with your idle computers and power the Internet.

Earn money powering
the Internet.

/ Turn your idle computer into a money-making machine by renting out your CPU and GPU power to AI, Blockchain, and Cloud workloads with our desktop app.
Supply of computers connects to demand of compute, from AI, Blockchain and Cloud workloads
Start earning passive income by powering technologies worldwide.
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How to Earn?

/ The Hyperlink app is super easy to use. Start earning payouts with your computer on autopilot 24/7.
How to start earning?
1. Download 2. Stay Online 3. Earn Money
How do I receive my earnings?
Payment Options: Easily transfer money right through the app anywhere in the world. PayPal. Bank ACH (US Only). Bank Wire (International). Hyperlink Card (Coming Soon).
Unlock a world of passive income -- start earning now.
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Fuel World Changing Innovation.

/ By joining Hyperlink, you're not just earning money, you can play a vital role in advancing science and technology and make a real impact, doing good for the future for humanity.
Scientific breakthroughs in supercomputing
GPUs to train AI models e.g. LLMs / Text / Audio / 3D / Images / Videos.
Cancer research / COVID-19 Diabetes / Protein folding Alzheimer’s / Human Genome.
Nuclear fusion / Quantum / Energy / Super-materials / Industrial Engineering.
Search for Alien life / Planets / Moons / Asteroids / Blackholes / Origins of our Universe.
Environmental science.
Climate change / Clean water / Wildlife / Disaster relief planning.
Prime search / Cryptography /
Fluid dynamics / Engineering / Quantitative Finance.
Artificial Intelligence.
GPUs to train AI models e.g. LLMs / Text / Audio / 3D / Images / Videos.
Cancer research / COVID-19 Diabetes / Protein folding Alzheimer’s / Human Genome.
Nuclear fusion / Quantum / Energy / Super-materials / Industrial Engineering.
Environmental science.
Climate change / Clean water / Wildlife / Disaster relief planning.
Search for Alien life / Planets / Moons / Asteroids / Blackholes / Origins of our Universe.
Prime search / Cryptography / Fluid dynamics / Engineering / Quantitative Finance.
Contribute computing power to drive scientific advancements. Make a meaningful impact on the world.
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Outperform the Market.

Enjoy fantastic returns that outperform savings accounts, treasury bonds, and even real estate.
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Safeguarded Privacy & Security.

/ Your privacy is our highest priority. In order to run the service, we only collect necessary usage data. Your account details, CPU and GPU usage, earnings and login credentials are always encrypted and never shared.
Generate secure passive income, protected by the latest security and privacy technologies.
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Earn Anytime, Anywhere.

/ Hyperlink operates seamlessly in the background of your computer, enabling you to generate income around the clock. We're always online, so you can earn money 24/7 completely autonomously.
Earn comfortably at home with Desktops, Laptops.
Earn while away with Office PCs, and Servers.
Earn with extra capacity at your data center.
Earn comfortably at home with Desktops, Laptops.
Earn while away with Office Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Servers.
Earn with extra capacity unsold from Servers at your data center.
Effortlessly generate income anytime, anywhere instantly connecting all your devices.
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Earning Potential.

/ An estimation of potential earnings in Phase 2 for a range of popular computer configurations.
High End Desktop
Up to
$ 13,000 / year
with Intel Core i9 13900K
and NVIDIA RTX 4090
High End Laptop
Up to
$ 5,400 / year
with Intel Core i9 13900H
and NVIDIA RTX 4080 Mobile
Mid Range Desktop
Up to
$ 6,500 / year
with AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900X
and NVIDIA RTX 3070 TI
Mid Range Laptop
Up to
$ 4,300 / year
with AMD Ryzen™ 9 6900HX
and GeForce RTX 3060 Mobile
Entry Level Desktop
Up to
$ 3,200 / year
with Intel Core i5 12400F
and NVIDIA RTX 3050
Entry Level Laptop
Up to
$ 2,700 / year
with Apple M2 Pro
and integrated graphics
* estimations provided assuming 99% uptime.
Start earning now and get a priority access to Phase 2.
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FAQ: Frequently asked

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How is my privacy & security always guaranteed?

Your computer's privacy and security are consistently safeguarded, ensuring that no unauthorized access to your data is possible. This level of protection is made possible through advanced virtualization and containerization technologies. Additionally, your virtual machine benefits from robust AES-256 encryption, the same encryption standard trusted by banks and the military for securing transactions and communications. Our network architecture, fortified by Amazon Web Services, features multiple layers of firewalls, ensuring the secure transmission of all data. As an added layer of defense, the virtual machines come equipped with built-in anti-virus protection.

How do you calculate my earnings?

Your earnings are determined by the utilization of your computer's CPU power. Each computer is equipped with a CPU chip housing multiple cores, and the greater the number of cores, the higher the earning potential. For instance, an Intel Core i9 CPU commands a higher earning capacity compared to an Intel Core i5 CPU. The calculation of your earnings involves a sophisticated algorithm, considering factors such as the number of CPU cores in use, the current market price for CPUs, your rating derived from your uptime score, your geographical location, and the time in seconds allocated for hosting applications.

How do I maximize my earnings?

Optimizing your earning potential can be achieved through several strategies. Firstly, maintaining your computer's active status is crucial. If you're using a laptop, ensure it's connected to a charger. Disable sleep mode or energy-saving preferences to prevent your computer from shutting down. Secondly, ensure a stable internet connection, verifying the speed with Consistent computer uptime is key to maximizing earnings and gaining priority in the algorithm queue.To enhance your earnings through the desktop app, leverage social connections. Invite friends and followers to join Hyperlink, earning 10% of their earnings for each referral. For instance, if they earn $1,000, you pocket $100 without the need for owning additional computers. By referring a substantial number of people, you have the potential to earn significantly, e.g., $10,000 for 1,000 referrals. Additionally, multiplying your devices on the account can exponentially increase your earnings. For instance, with 10 devices, you could potentially 10x your overall earnings.

Can you have control over my computer?

Absolutely not. Your computer remains entirely under your control. Our technology prioritizes privacy and security as paramount, and it simply doesn't function without them. We place a high premium on safeguarding both our users' and clients' privacy and security. The code executed on your computer is encapsulated within a virtual machine, downloaded through our app, providing assurance and top-notch privacy and security. Additionally, all data transmission is fully encrypted bidirectionally, ensuring the utmost privacy in both directions.

Do I need to put a deposit to use your service?

Absolutely not. We uphold principles of open fairness, and priority is determined strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Our platform is completely free to use and will remain so. Your computer's CPU takes on the workload to generate earnings for you!

Why can my computer make money?

Each computer is equipped with a powerful CPU chip. Historically, there hasn't been a global mechanism to monetize CPU power. Hyperlink changes that by transforming your computer's CPU chip into a mini-server. This empowers businesses to host web and mobile applications on the Internet, utilizing the processing power offered by your CPU chip and GPU graphics card if you have one.

How and when do I get paid?

You can receive payments through one of three methods: 1. PayPal, 2. bank transfer (ACH) within the US, or 3. bank wire globally for transactions outside the US. Payment processing generally takes 3-5 business days. Keep tabs on your earnings through our Desktop app on the Transfer History tab.

Can I still use my computer when selling my CPU power?

Certainly! You can operate your computer just as you normally would. Most everyday computer tasks utilize less than 10% of your CPU power. These tasks encompass activities like checking email, watching YouTube videos, engaging in social media, and using applications such as word processors, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe Photoshop. Even with more demanding tasks like heavy video editing or ultra-high graphics gaming, which may require additional CPU power, these processes are typically delegated to your GPU. This is the reason why your CPU usage remains generally low, even during regular computer usage.

Will my CPU overheat or get damaged if I turn it on 24/7?

Absolutely not. The CPU chip in your computer is only at risk of overheating under conditions of inadequate ventilation, such as placing your laptop on a blanket, a malfunctioning fan, or the accumulation of dust. Typically, the CPU is only susceptible to damage if it comes into contact with water or liquids. When provided with proper ventilation, like functioning fans, leaving your CPU on 24/7 won't lead to damage. It's essential to routinely clean your desktop or laptop to prevent the buildup of dust, which can contribute to overheating.

Will electricity costs be high?

Absolutely not. Sustaining continuous, non-stop computer operation for an entire year will only incur a cost of $32.40 at a rate of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour and $64.80 at 20 cents per kilowatt-hour. With an Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i9 CPU, the earnings generated can significantly offset these electricity expenses. It's worth noting that the cost of electricity may vary based on your location. As a general guideline, electricity expenses typically constitute 1-3% of the overall earnings potential.

Will I need high internet speeds?

No. Assuming your Internet connection remains reasonably stable, you can leverage your CPU power to monetize and host a wide range of web and mobile applications. You can assess the upload and download speeds of your Internet connection using, comparing them with global Internet speeds. An Internet speed of 100Mbps is considered excellent. As of 2022, the average speed in the US is reported to be 256.03Mbps, according to Google.

Can I monetize my iPhone or iPad's CPU power?

Not at the moment. We are actively developing support for smartphones and tablets. Presently, our compatibility extends to desktops and laptops running Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems with CPUs and GPUs. With the continuous improvement of CPU processors in smartphones and tablets, we have plans to incorporate support for these devices in the future. Additionally, our roadmap includes expanding compatibility to include gaming consoles with GPUs down the line.

Who rents my CPU / GPU processing power?

All online businesses and developers require servers to execute code for various functions like websites, applications, databases, texts, emails, photos, videos, messaging, payments, games, and more. These servers essentially consist of CPU chips that continuously run code, ensuring seamless operation whenever users access the app or website, regardless of the time of day. Our Platform as a Service solution facilitates the connection between developers and businesses, allowing them to purchase CPU power from us. Earnings will be distributed based on the amount of CPU power rented out through your computer.

How do I get started?

Be among the pioneers to start earning passive income 24/7 when our global supercomputer network launches soon. Join our waitlist today and secure your invitation by filling out our early access signup form with your email. Keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation of early access signup. Once you receive the confirmation, you'll be informed right away when you can begin earning!

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